We stop at nothing to reach the youth of our community.  We also understand adults who want to reach the youth can't always make it to the classroom.  We offer in-classroom as well as virtual guest speaking opportunities. Follow the link to sign up today.

We are now accepting, students and young adults,  volunteers to support the administrative areas within the foundation. It will help the youth with volunteer service hours and assist us with our program administrative needs. Follow the link to sign up today.

Volunteer Today - Change a Life Tomorrow

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, put your experience and expertise to work for the greater good

Signup to Volunteer to help and give back during on of our events or to participate in our Foundations' programs. We look forward to seeing you at our next event   

Volunteer to reach and give back to young adults who are aspiring to be the next leaders in business and product development. Share your expertise and  insights of business and entrepreneurship. Follow the link to sign up today.

Our annual career days, a great time to reach youth in the classroom, share insights into your career and tips to success, importance of educational growth. Follow the link to sign up today.

Our children, are our nations’ future, here at Peoples Foundation we are instituting programs centered around S.T.E.A.programs in our community ALLforFREE.  We can’t do that without the help of committed volunteers like you. We take seriously the safety of the children and young adults who participate in our programs, this includes the volunteers that interface with the youth - as required.  

The state of California requires these background investigations for individuals who interface and are responsible for children under 18 years of old. See our background/fingerprinting policy here. Peoples Foundation will uphold to ALL state/federal standards and regulations for background investigations. All volunteers participating in our afters-school programs will complete the required screening.

Peoples Foundation, utilizes quality services and the gold standard in background investigations Verified Volunteers, the exclusive screening provider of Super Bowl 50, PGA, CASA and many other organizations. Please seehere for more details on our provider and who they serve. We can not offer these programs to the deserving children of our community...without your help please sign-up to volunteer today.  

At our events we use photo/video to promote our efforts, participants will be asked to release form.

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