Connecting Community, Military & Veteran's Services

Board Member - Audriana N. Richey

A seasoned human relations professional over 10 years executive administrative and creative design experience. Leading in community relation and support.  Heading up our volunteer, outreach and operational support services designed to meet the underserved communities and creating avenues to deliver science, technology, the arts, engineering and math to all communities 

Senior Advisory Council - Ruby Sabzevari    

With a 25 year career in the educational field, leading everything from enhancing after school programs to executive management programs, to include a broad spectrum of sporting team formation and design.  Ruby, is a leader in reaching children where they are at, designing programs and curriculum to meet all learning styles and needs.  Teacher of the year, but most importantly a career in caring for children.  Ruby, encompasses the most important quality of all our members and council team...commitment to change and impact in our communities. 

Board Vice President - Kenyon J. Peoples 

A disabled veteran, serving proudly and honorably in the United States Marine Corps a consummate professional with twenty plus year’s specializing in operations, transportation, and human resources experience simply…getting it done. Leading up our vehicle operations and external support teams committed to the mission of STEM technology and education every where for everyone and supporting our military/veteran community. 

Board Member - Beatrice A. Hawkins  

A seasoned professional with 15 plus years in personnel and program management experience with extensive knowledge in policy application, oversight and enforcement standards.  Ms. Hawkins expertise and commitment to Peoples Foundations' motto of first do no harm and transparency.  She will lead our board, in program management and conflict of interest oversight 

CEO & Board Secretary Debra A. Peoples

Peatra’s Executive Marketing Group J155
A leader in all fields 35 plus years in sales,  marketing, program implementation, management and training design.  Supporting programs designed to empower and inform a leader of our sponsor/partner-relations and marketing team committed to supporting the mission/vision of the foundation serving those who give/gave so much and community afterschool based S.T.E.A.M programs for children of all communities.   ​

Senior Advisory Council - Stacy Bauer Cockroft   

With a 25 year career in the healthcare industry, executing everything from emergency x-ray management, to include a broad spectrum of sporting team formation and design.  Stacy brings the most important quality of all...commitment to change and impact in our communities. She leads our advisory council group, providing executive level input for critical implementation decisions in our therapeutic-adaptive sports program. 

Board Member Brandy L. Bouie

Air Force veteran and current reservist with over fifteen years in the telecommunications, satellite communications, and information technology domains. Decisive manager project development and design guru.  A longtime community activist with a heart for supporting science, technology, the arts, engineering and math being provided to children everywhere in every community​

CEO & Founder/Board President Tameka R. Peoples

​Founder, disabled veteran, serving nearly 10 years in the United States Air Force, a business owner and passionate community member with twenty plus years in Human resources, customer service, communication and information technology with degrees in social science, criminal justice and information technology.  “We are committed to doing the work…supporting local community, disabled military and veterans in particular fighting for a brighter future for all children bringing community based: science, technology, the arts, engineering and math being provided to children everywhere specifically in underserved urban and rural communities.”