Connecting Community, Military & Veteran's Services


Together….we are much more equipped  to create the change we want to see in this world.  Our Foundation is truly committed to being and supporting change in our community and in the world. We are thankful for all those who lend in that cause with us.  Thank you to our sponsors, partners, aligned organization and volunteers …for we couldn’t take on this challenge without you.​

Become A Corporate or Non-Profit Sponsor

We welcome working with sponsors corporate and Non-profit alike in order to bring support to where it’s needed to our disabled military and veteran members to include the local community we support with our programs.  We would work together to verify your organization, through appropriate state/federal channels, identify how our organizations can mutually benefit each others members and organizations.  We look forward to working with you to build a sense of returning to normal an healing a person/community  while creating corporate cause related opportunities to cross promote each others efforts in support of the members military, veterans and our communities.

Become Allied/Affiliate of Our Foundation:
Maybe you’ve donated time to us as a company, or are affiliated and support Peoples Foundation in some way i.e. allowed Peoples Foundation for Connecting Community, Military & Veteran’s Services to share our mission with your team or BETTER YET you're a non-profit corporation running a “similar” or “like-cause” organization.  We welcome working with like minds and supporters corporate and Non-profit alike.  We actively work on sharing who you are (if desired) and being transparent with our members.  So, if you’d like to identify as “Aligned” with Peoples Foundations’ mission and we will list your organization here as a show of appreciation and mutual support.   


Our Sponsors & Affiliates

Peoples Foundation has worked hard in our local community to give back with programs that matter.  We are proud of to have the supporters/affiliates, and sponsors that we do from local golf course like Zaca Creek and La Purisima to hospitals who allow us to offer the healing qualities of activity and golf to their members.  Sponsors and supports such as  Marty's Therapeutic Golf Foundation work together with us to continue to make our local efforts possible. We will continue to foster relationships and encourage you to get to know those who support us and we are aligned with us to make adaptive golf acceptable at all courses and competitive for those who want to still compete regardless of limitations.

Transparency - Cause Marketing Promise:

The State if California regulates and routinely reports on non-profit cause marketing requirements.  At Peoples Foundation we are committed to transparency with respect to our cause marketing campaigns.  On this page we will report if/who we are cause marketing with and the gains and benefits to our organization as well as its members - as outline in our "cause marketing" agreements. To learn more about CA guidance on cause marketing go hear, and to read CA Attorney General full report go here.

Make School: Make School and Peopels Foundation partnership is such that for every youth or young adult who signs-up, is accepted, and pays tutition for the Make School Summer Academy, they weill receive 10% discount off the full tuition price.