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The Peoples Foundation Scholarship Program is a new program brought to the graduating seniors and those young adults attending higher education college level programs - whether traditional or non-traditional (on campus/online).  This is a new program offering and going strong in our second year here in Lompoc Valley.  

During our inaugural offering (2015/16) school year we are proud to to have awarded 3-scholarships to graduating seniors of Lompoc High School - Ca$H academy program.  All of which were going on to to pursue their dream of higher educational opportunities to state of California Universities such as...Sacramento State University.   It is a fundamental goal and mission of  Peoples Foundation to support the youth and young adults of our community and our scholarship program is another program that allows us to do just that !

If you are a soon to be graduating senior or a young adult set to attend a college/university in pursuit of your dream of continuing your education apply for our scholarship today.  We open the application process middle of January and make award announcements by beginning of May. Ideally your high school counseling department has a transcript release form, but in the event your high school doesn't please use our general form bellow. 

Apply online at on our portal,link bellow, then download the  "Transcript Request Authorization Form"  here and submit to: