The Peoples Foundation Transparency Promise
We started our non profit because we saw issues in our community and instead of just talking about it we decided to pull up our sleeves and do the work.  Our goal taking our service to our country model, instilled from years of service in the military(Marines/Air Force Veterans) and throughout our lives in all we did, and turning that to: continued service but right here in our local community. We strive to be the model of what a non-profit "public benefit" corporation should be.  Peoples Foundation, is committed to adhere to all federal and state requirements - and to being the model of what impact and transparency truly means 
Our Motto: First Do No Harm...Knowledge is Free, Freeing and Empowering

What you need to know, and this also applies to our foundation.  According to IRS tax code a non-profit is a: "public benefit" corporation and per IRS guidelines: "The organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, and no part of a section 501(c)(3) organization's net earnings may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual..." see IRS compliance guides for public charities pub. 4221-PC, guide, and overall source.  This means that generally speaking, there  is a cost to operate and provide services but at no time shall the cost for those services and excess funds, or the corporation's activities, benefit the corporation or an individual within the non-profit corporation

 So Peoples Foundation has made a commitment to operate our non profit in the spirit of true servitude and support to the community i.e. public benefit.  We will operate per IRS rules and guidelines,  be fully transparent with ALL IRS/State files for: cost of operation and money spent data, i.e. all public inspection forms will be made available via our website or upon request.  Whenever possible we will give insight and background as to the requirements for the data we are providing because we believe "context i.e. knowledge" is important as well as empowering.  Our veteran non-profit organization will at ALL times work to support the needs our community, inform, empower..and ultimately support our nations future - our children.  Doing our part to leave something better for them 

 Some Basics & General Overview

Non-Profit Status  vs. Tax Exempt Status (State & Federal Level):  Forming a Non-Profit is a big responsibility, its similar to forming a regular business/corporation but many more steps are involved.  But, just because  you form a "public benefit" corporation i.e. non-profit does not mean you are "exempt" from paying taxes on net earning i.e. "tax-exempt."  It's a another very lengthy process  it's also a separate yet mutually dependent process, with requirements at the state and federal level for attainment and maintaining of your "tax-exempt" status. 

CA Tax-Exempt Form  | Federal Tax Exempt Form | Annual - Federal Tax Filing & *Proof of Fed Tax Fling Acceptance | Annual - State Tax Filing
Learn More About Federal & CA State Requirements for non-profits here

Please refer to our federal "tax-exempt" determination letter of approval and our state noted in below section were both approved and granted at state/federal level.  

State:  ALL non-profits, including Peoples Foundation, must form/register at federal and state level.  They also must file a state and federal tax return, which will detail gross receipts less expenditures thus net earnings.  Based on an organizations "tax-exempt" status the organization will then be required to file a particular State/Federal tax return and annual filing (depending on state).  We are a California registered veteran tax-exempt non-profit, and the following regulations and forms apply" Per California Sections 12586 and 12587, California Government Code 11 Cal. Code Regs. sections 301-307, 311 and 312 outlined here. Each charity and charitable trust must register with the  California Attorney general and annually file a registration renewal fee report (RRF-1)  with attorney general, along with a "filing fee. Please see our California Tax Exempt Determination Letter as well as our annual RRF-1 filed (Form)

Non-Profits registered in California must also file a California tax return annually called form: CA-199, this form will detail what the cost was for the organization to operate, how much officers were paid, unless of course the organization falls under certain IRS parameters for not having to report "income" to officers, and finally how much money contract services were paid out among other things.  Please see our annual tax Form CA-199

 Federal:   The IRS requires a non-profit corporations to file a federal taxes (forms) based on type, exempt status and earnings.  If an organization earned less than $50,000 in gross receipts then a shorter form and an electronic filing is acceptable.  Please see our annual filed form 990 and proof of acceptance of our electronic filing to the IRS   

If you have any further questions on IRS requirements see the publications at this link and information on this site for the state requirements.  Also, feel free to contact us at anytime for further questions on our data, what is not available here we are happy to provide; and more detail can be found on the GuideStar page for our organization

Staying True & Having an Impact

Our motto will ring true in NOT ONLY our words but our actions.   ALL of Peoples Foundation services will be offered to participants at no COST.  Of course, there's a generalized cost to operate and provide our services which include: Contract Support Services for therapeutic-adaptive golf clinics supporting our military and veterans among other things.   Our board, is small and right now ALL volunteer based in order to provide the oversight and management needed.  We will eventually evolve, and transition to try and provide a "livable wage" to our volunteer board/team.  However, until that happens its our volunteer staff that make this everything work, and when salary payments do occur ALL data will be evaluated and reported via our annual reports annotated above

Connecting Community, Military & Veteran's Services