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 Peoples Foundation is committed to having an everyday impact on our community from supporting our military and veteran's to creating programs all youth and young adults can benefit from..we are sure of one thing:

"Positively Impact One Life and You Can Change Many"

Our mentoring and youth programs /events are meant to inspire and support the pathways of future generations to pursue science, technology, engineering, arts and math career fields...doing our part to support young innovators and entrepreneur's...every day we work to impact lives.  Our "In-still Hope & Success" events allow us to host days in the classrooms at the school reminding the kids we care and their future.   Participants, will tell their story of perseverance, educational pathways and career choices/paths to student.  Teachers and administrators learn how to bring one of these days to your school -classroom start here   Already had an event at your school tell us how we did:   

Learn more and sign up at links below. We look forward to building an growing a community dedicated to the success of our youth and each other. We look forward to seeing you at our next event. Specific dates and sign up information can be found at the links below. The teacher request for support and guest speakers is our way of allowing the teacher or program administrator to specifically define the need and design the speaker/event around your parameters. Request our support or sign-up today 

Youth Programs Oversight & Safety

The Peoples Foundation team and volunteers who interfacing with the youth through our mentoring and coordinated outing events - offerings are screened according to federal/state background check laws and we employ the highest industry standards for screening purposes.  Peoples Foundation, utilizes quality services and the gold standard in background investigations industry Verified Volunteers, the exclusive screening provider of Super Bowl 50, PGA, CASA and many other organizations.

Please see here for more details on our provider, standards and who they serve.  

For mentoring and our coordinated event outings, per federal/state law our volunteers will go through the normal screening process noted above.  However, "LIVE SCAN" is not required per federal/state law for these events offerings due to the fact that our staff/volunteers will not be directly responsible for their care and security of the youth.  

As part of our mentoring program, expanded offerings ALL of our mentors go through the "LIVE SCAN" process as mandated by State/Federal Law

The events are coordinated with managed organizational leads and our team is never left alone with the youth and the organization directly responsible for the care/security of the youth has coordinated with our team for the outing, the primary organization who has coordinated and requested our services maintain the care/security responsibility. During a Peoples Foundation Planned an organized event ALL of our volunteers, chaperones, and mentors will go through full care and security background checks as required by state and federal laws. for those engaging with minors  

Find more details on "Live Scan" requirements here  CA  Law   or  on  CA website  

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