Preparing for the Pitch 

Boss Experience XL

The goal of the Boss Experience XL is to expose students to things outside of their current environment, through hands-on immersive business events  The youth will be afforded the opportunity to get real-time information from leading industry experts in key business sectors.

Through coaching, lectures, guest speakers and collaborative onsite visits with local, regional and national business owners and experts. The future entrepreneurs work together to launch their very own business. They will brainstorm product ideas, manage a budget, prepare market research, design logos, build websites, create social media presence, market their product, visits and engage with established businesses owners, coaches and enter the BOSS BOARD ROOM!!
The program is designed to take place over the course of 2 weeks or a semester.

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Boss Explore & Capstone 

Program Offerings

Boss Explore is a travel program that allows students explore the world. Each summer Boss Up 101 will partner with other organizations to host 10 students. The students will get to go out on Expedition, Community Service trip, or University Workshop, in many different destinations that captures and helps them gain business acumen.

The Explore Capstone will afford 4 students from the program to attend a week-long business –technology summit on college campus in Durham, NC.  Developed by Thurgood Marshall College Fund & OCF the 4 students will develop and pitch their business idea while learning from leading industry professionals.

The participates will play an integral role in the programs’ success. The student's will learn much more than business skills, as they work to plan, and raise funds to support the trips

Boss Workshops

"Preparing for the Pitch" this is our interactive program where we work in tandem with the school's existing entrepreneur/business curriculum and prepare them for pitch competitions in any environment. 

The pitch initiative reinforces what is being taught in the classroom while preparing students to pitch their business plans.  Each student will have the opportunity to pitch their business to a diverse group of business professionals and coaches well versed in the art of start-up pitching. 

All for a chance to win cash prizes and a chance to participate in our Boss Explore events.

Hear the success and mission of Thurgood Marshall/OFCto learn why we created this pathway for Lompoc Valley students it will enable our youth to become full participants in the Innovation Economy.  

Peoples Foundation partnering to provide an opportunity to youth in our community, alongside The Thurgood Marshall Fund / OFC Hack. This immersive innovative week will be a developmental experience of these future entrepreneurs life, and they will have an opportunity to understand their college options at an HBCU

Sponsored by Google, John Deer, and Wells Fargo exposure and future opportunities will be endless at this event

Providing Experiences Otherwise Not Provided in Our Community 

Entrepreneurship and start-up ventures take creativity – energy – time and willingness to learn these are traits most high school students and young adults have in spades. Our youth and young adults also possess one other quality and that’s the passion to change the world...let’s work together to harness that passion in our youth. By hosting a "BOSS Workshops", you can nurture and encourage your students’ passions, while helping them develop practical business skills.

The workshop consists of five phases, which you can schedule to take place over the course of a day, a week or a month:

1. Class discussion on the basic elements of business
2. Group brainstorming sessions
3. Research – start-up analytics
4. Preparation of business plans
5. Presentation of business plans

Boss Start-Up

Connecting Community, Military & Veteran's Services

Boss Start-Up is our BossUp101 extension program, we extend our coaching support into an after-school entrepreneurship program for youth and young adults.  Students can sign-up, for our summer entrepreneurship program, and continue where they left off.  Students will be in a focused start-up team environment, similar to an incubator, in our downtown Lompoc Valley office with their peers and our expert coaches, to refine their business plans and launch a business.  

Taking what they've learned in class and building upon those models to begin down the path of starting their own's never too early to "Start-Up"