Peoples Foundation believes partnering with community organizations closest to the issue as well as exposing those youths to support, inspirational events, new options, and opportunities coupled with unwavering support is essential in breaking the "pipeline."   So, we’ve locally worked with juvenile programs centered on our mission and hosting events with those organizations to reach our “at-risk” youth.  We just recently teamed up with our local Lompoc Valley –Juvenile Alternative Report and Resource Centers (ARRC) of Santa Barbara County to reach our youth. 

Inspiring activities, like our Art-in-the-Park events, and our most recent trip to FCC Lompoc Scott Williams Training Center for a presentation from the FCC Lompoc: Inmates Mentoring Peers Against Criminal Thinking (I.M.P.A.C.T) program.  The I.M.P.A.C.T program is a local program which brings awareness of choice and consequence to youth. This program allows “at-risk” youth to hear motivational and inspirational life stories from a group of inmates offered to youth words of hope and encouragement; with the hopes of educating the youth of where a path of negative and criminal choices could lead…ultimately supporting in our mission to breaking the “school-to-prison pipeline” with real alternative options which is what Peoples Foundation is passionate about. 

We look to continue to do more for all our youth and our community through outreach, support programs, options !

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LOOK Who We Save When We Do Something Different Reaching Our Youth & Community Where They're AT! Career Days - Inspirational Life Coaches Coaches - Guest Speakers and More 

Connecting Community, Military & Veteran's Services

Support Belief & Breaking The Cycle

Our commitment to supporting ALL youth in our community runs deep as we see many youth and young adults in our communities falling victim to the “School-to-Prison-Pipeline.”  We believe it takes a village/community to break this devastating cycle that particularly affects African-American and Latino youth. 

Mutual Organizational Support, Homeless Outreach Support & Community Outreach

Our team is routinely out in the community, creating relationships supporting were there is a need.  If you are a like minded organization and want to work together on community improvement efforts in Lompoc Valley or the region.  Please reach out we look forward to helping and we'll work together to make things better where possible.  Perhaps our combined efforts can start to bridge the gap on our communities needs.  To complete parental permission slips, this can be found on event sign-up page, then complete our Video/Photo Release Form located HERE.

We Also look to support thorough sponsorship work, and occasional & general support request like.  If you feel like we can help or may be interested complete our support request form or drop us a line via our contact form.