Therapeutic - Adaptive Sports for Disabled Military & Veterans (ALL)

Our returning veterans and military service members, healing comes in many forms. But one thing is for certain,  therapeutic recreational" activity is highly encouraged when recovering from any disability. Especially the ones  not visible to the naked eye.  Physical activity and human interaction, promotes healing. Both physical and emotional. The therapeutic golf clinics and self-guided golf rounds, are designed to aid in the achievement of both these goals.  It is Peoples Foundations mission to not just improve your golf game but increase mobility, quality of life, and provide positive healthy activities, for ALL members of our community. Most importantly,  our disabled military and disabled veterans can participate at no back to those who've give so much.  All other participants are welcomed, given space/availability as priority is given to our wounded and healing. 

Our Clinics

Peoples Foundation works with PGA professionals, to bringing you a one of a kind experience. This experience includes: one-on-one assistance for adaptive golf swings, golf swing modifications - that support limited range of motion and other limited capabilities, PGA professional assisted-guided rounds, and unassisted self-guided rounds. Including our most unique offering of mobile clinics where we bring healthy healing therapeutic-adaptive golf directly to you, on site i.e. recreational area or hospital and on golf course.

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How To Sign Up For:  Click Here to Complete Our Simple Online Signup /Registration, Create a Password and you only have to complete our simple intake questions one time.  You can then come back as often as you like sign up for our clinic Dates, Times and Location noted below.

 Our PGA Golf professional will contact you shortly after sign-up to welcome you aboard and let you know what to expect  

         Clinic Offerings Dates & Times

La Purisima Golf Course

Rancho Santa Maria Golf Course

Zacca Creek Golf Course  

On-Site Clinics  

Mobile Clinics
Monthly 2nd/4th SaturdayMonthly 2nd/4th SaturdayBay AppointmentChampion Center:    2nd/4th Thursday  3 PM By Appointment 
2-4 PM11-1 PMTBDCoast Valley: TBDTBD

​​Dates and times for are clinics are listed above, decide on which one you want to attend and click here to register.

Pick your clinic come join us on your path to a healthier lifestyle inside and out. 



​​Some Basics & General Overview

Therapeutic exercise and activity, are terms defined medically through medical coding.  Yet, it helps to understand the differences so it is clear what Peoples Foundation is offering through our therapeutic adaptive golf program and what we are not offering.  Therapeutic Exercise, or COT code 97110 involved instructing a patient in specific exercises to address weakness or loss of joint mobility due to disease or injury. The exercises are NOT typically “functional” i.e. everyday living tasks. So, tasks like overhead press with a dumbbell to improve strength can be considered a therapeutic exercise.    Whereas Therapeutic activity, CPT 97530, includes the use of “functional” i.e. everyday living dynamic tasks that improve range of motion and strength, and are things that mimic real life activity.  CPT coding terminology defines it as: “Therapeutic exercises to develop strength and endurance, range of motion, and flexibility (15 minutes).” These activities can be considered many things to include catching and throwing, see herefor more information.

Adaptive, is an addition and a consideration we’ve included into the program understanding that those who participate may require assisted instruction or equipment in order to support their therapeutic golfing needs i.e. specialized clubs or carts.  Adaptive sporting programs and activities are considered adapted, or modified, physical activity designed to meet the individualized gross motor needs, or other disability-related challenges, of a participant. The programs or activities can be provided one-on-on in a small group, or within the general physical education setting.

The Peoples Foundation Therapeutic-Adaptive golf clinics are considered therapeutic exercise/activities that are adapted to support the needs/limitations of our participants in a sporting activity that's considered therapeutic in nature.  The participants understand that this is not a medically administered program, its an activity they would normally engage in while seeking and adhering to their own medical professional’s advice on said activity.

California law requires that our foundation has all applicable registrations with the state as well as insurance to support all programs we are running throughout our foundation.  For any questions about coverage and application of compliance please contact us  and we will be happy to discuss your concerns, as well as provide coverage details to official representatives.

All Clinics Are Offered At No Cost: Disabled Active-Duty Military | Disabled Veterans | Provide Your Limitations/Disabilities

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