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Make School | CODE2040 | YIF-STEM Immersion Events  Freedom Writers 

Their missions and efforts can be found here: Make School, CODE2040Freedom Writers , Young Innovators Fair (YIF) . We are happy to be actively working with and partnering with these organization; and many more to make a change in young peoples' lives within our community.  We also work closely with many local partners to reach all youth and young adults no matter where they are at together.  Together we can be the change we want to see in this world join us and support our work.  

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In-Class Mentoring | Instill Hope Day Events | Summer Tech/Coding Academy  Coding-Hack-a-Thon Events 

Local Youth Internships& Youth/Young Adult Entrepreneur Program - Coming Soon! ​

The Peoples  Foundation team, has partnered with, aligned to, and works with some renowned national organizations all in an effort to be the catalyst for change in our community.  Our goal is to inspire youth from under-represented communities to be involved in technology and STEM pathways.  The future success of our young generation will depend on them being a full participating member of the Innovation Economy.  We've partnered with, and work with organization like Freedom Writers, CODE2040, Young Innovators Fair (YIF), in order to bring the full immersion and access opportunities technology offers to Lompoc Valley youth in innovative and strategic ways.  Also see below the stories, success, mission and reach of these organizations below.  

Our most recent partner Make School...together we will be working to get youth into from our community into their Summer Coding Academy program, learn more about their programs and national level involvement in this arena go here.  It's just one example of how we are working to get the youth of our community involved with STEM/Technology pathways that will enable them to be full participants in the Innovation Economy.  

To signup for Summer Academy, and to participate in our programs, or volunteer during one of our events please register below and our team will be in contact to get you started or answer any questions.

​​​​Peoples Foundation is proud to be working hard for our future...ALL children. In a community it's vital to know that: "It'll take a willage to raise a child."  It's why our programs are being brought together for all children of Lompoc, Valley.  Our goal is simple...change and enhance the future of the children in our community.  We've developed programs that bridges the GAP...the GAP between what's being provided by local educators and whats not able to be provided due to resource and other constraints.  Our educational community support programs...will be based on 21st Century education, technology concepts and application.  Because we know it will take every community member and organization - to play a part in making a difference in our children's life and educational pathways. Peoples Foundation, is proud to be doing our part and offering the support our community and children need through our...S.T.E.A.Mafter school and summer academy programs, In-Class Mentoring Sessions, Instill Hope Day events, Tech-Based Tours/Immersion days.  

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